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We Are Community

At IFCS, we nourish lives on multiple levels. Providing wholesome, nutritious meals and fresh produce is an integral component of building a strong community. Everything that we do is in collaboration with community partners. Our service is based on the knowledge that hunger and poverty exist in our community and on the belief that immediate action must be taken. 

Working together enriches the lives of our volunteers and partners while nourishing our community. Meet some of the 6,000 individuals who visit IFCS monthly, along with volunteers and partners who collaborate with us in building a stronger community.

“I believe in our mission and the people that help us make a difference. Every day we come together as a community to succeed past the challenges we face. I love being a part of this awesome group.”
IFCS Team Member
“I didn’t have money to get my kids gifts and I was able to come here and get signed up. It was just amazing.”
J. J.
IFCS Program Recipient
“I wanted to do something to help those in need in the Denver area. I am very blessed in my own life and wanted to do something to make someone else’s life a little easier.”
IFCS Volunteer
“When I retired, I was searching for a meaningful way to serve others. I had donated food and money over the years I was teaching, but it feels so good to be part of such a caring organization.”
IFCS Volunteer
"I love working with the IFCS staff and the board to try new ideas, grow our impact, and provide a great experience for our clients. [Working together] allows for a lot of collaboration to make great things happen
IFCS Board
“They have definitely helped me and I'm sure many people at these times of hardship...I truly appreciate what you are all doing.”
IFCS Program Recipient
“I started as a volunteer and the tagline ‘Meet, Greet, and Help Them Eat’ stirred something inside me! … When folks talk about ‘Community,’ IFCS is the true embodiment of Community!”
IFCS Donor
“Our partnership with IFCS to provide a Little Free Pantry has made an immeasurable impact on the lives of our patrons and atmosphere of our library.”
IFCS Partner

Share Your Story

From program recipients to donors, volunteers to partners, everyone has a story to tell.
Telling these stories nourishes lives by building community. Will you share yours?

How has IFCS Inspired you? Impacted your life? Motivated you to give back to the community?

Would you like to partner with us? Support IFCS programs to nourish lives and help alleviate hunger in our community.